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Motherboard is writing about implants that heal, optimize and monitor soldiers, a project by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) – another Man Mashine Interface that makes us melt more with technology. But not only with technology, but with the powers that control it. In this case the military, but generally it can be imagined as a power conglomerate of governments, insurance and health companies, big data firms and other big industry actors.


These Cycling Desks Charge Your Phone–And Your Muscles–While You Work” is the title of the article on fastco about an installation that reminds me  of “Fifteen Million Merits”, the 2nd episode of Black Mirror, where inhabitants pedal all day in front of screens to power their casting show world.


This might not be exactly the intentions of the designer at WeWatt. It seems they made a piece of critical design without intention.

weWatt at work



not only ordering will be more comfortable, also delivery. But things can get wrong, when machines get self-organized:


thanks Evy for sending the image by QuantumPirate, who provoked amazon with his funny fake.


Google presented its new self-driving car in a really smart and sympathetic video, where normal non-geek people express there genuine fascination about the magically driving car.

But i find very convincing the argument of Frank Rieger (speaker of the CCC): Google invests in self-driving cars, so that people have more time to use their apps and click their ads.