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or at least intelligently: Talks, Debates and Action at the degrowth conference 2014 in Leipzig.


The focus of the 2014 conference is on concrete steps towards a society beyond the imperative of growth. The conference will give room for scientific debates, exchange between activists and economic pioneers as well as artistic approaches to the subject. Both scientific insights and concrete projects and policies will be presented, experimented with and discussed. It is part of an international cycle of events: so far, there have been conferences on degrowth in Paris 2008, in Barcelona 2010 and in Venice and Montreal 2012.

… a growth-based economic and social system cannot have a future … read more.

The program is rich and covers many dimensions of the complex topic with several facets. The schedule on the web site gains access to the intertwingled papers and events of divers formats = a nice hypertext with a not-so-nice user interface and visual presentation.

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Vom 28. September bis 6. Oktober läuft in Köln das Ökorausch-Festival, das ebenfalls Design und Nachhaltigkeit verbindet.
Ökorausch klingt in meinen Ohren nicht eben berauschend, aber in der Ausstellung sind interessante Projekte zu entdecken, z.b. das fairphone.

Auf dem Symposium spricht u.a. Christa Liedtke vom Wuppertal Institut, aber keine Designer …
… dafür gibt es ein über die Stadt verteiltes Programm für Groß und Klein ;-)

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By Design or By Disaster


Together with Alvise Matozzi (Semiology & Sociology) and a nice team we are organizing the transdisciplinary and practice-oriented conference BY DESIGN OR BY DISASTER in Bolzano, where we will bring together design with concerns of eco-social transformations. The registration for conference and workshops is open until 8th of September. I would be happy to see you there. Could you please help to distribute this invitation – post it on you web sites and blogs, on facebook and twitter, or mail it to interested people and press. More information: