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Ich möchte endlich meinen Fair-Trade Computer!

It might not be fair trade, but at least a bit more ecological: The computer of iameco
“… the PC is the first of its class to receive the EU Ecolabel. Producing about 70% less CO2 than conventional computers and made of a majority of recyclable materials” writes Morgana Matus on inhabitat.com.
Iameco Green Computers Have a Lesson or Two for Apple” is the title of the article by Mark Smith on triplepundit.com. I think we need again make pressure on Apple, like in the campaign “green my apple”
green my apple

The challenge remains to produce it also in fair ways, which might be hard, “because the supply chains are huge” as Tom Foremski writes in zdnet in his article “Who will be the first “Fair Trade” tech company? Moving beyond “green”…

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