DIY Apple / FB is getting me

found on the facebook board of  ‏أساحبىs, a guy or a group of people from Kairo that produces jokes and publishes them on their site and on FB. I don’t get the jokes and automatic translation doesn’t help much, but i like the rough anarchic style. (@Ernesto: thanks for the link)

Slowly facebook is getting me, as if i keep getting more and more links to interesting stuff or conversations published on that platform. Also it is tempting to use the ubiquitous like-button (much less effort than writing a blog post and still it is a way to store and publish things). But i don’t like it. I made an account only to get a feeling how it works for professional reasons (i am into interaction design and web communication). And after having heard the excellent speach of Eben Moglen at re:publica Why Freedom of Thought Requires Free Media and Why Free Media Require Free Technology“, i wanted to delete my FB account right away (i didn’t) and just use a fake account for my professional interest. But an account with a fake name and without “real” interaction does not provide the same experience. Let’s try the alternatives. I really like the basic idea of Zurker (it’s in closed beta > let me know, if you want an invitation): it is supposed to be owned by its users, but the interaction in the small world of Zurker is necessarily kind of lame compared with FB and Zurker is missing “social features”, which can be embedded elsewhere on the web). Let’s try diaspora and eventually friendica (but this one seems to need some nerdy efforts). Twitter is more interesting, but somehow a inner resistance keeps me from using it really (i don’t want to publish continuously all the little things i find interesting). For collecting and sharing links in more structured way i use diigo and i like it (thanks to the very useful browser plugins). Yes I WILL delete my FB account, but first need to do some research … and find a new setup of connected tools for personal knowledge management and publishing (sounds like work !-)

At least i am blogging again, also thanks to Sascha Lobo, who brought it to the point: we need more self-governed territory. And theoretically a network of blogs using good old hyperlinks and decentralized services like pingbacks and feeds would eventually be sufficient to create social networks.

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