sambini domestic wall

sambini domestic wall crop 1

sambini domestic wall crop 2

Eine ebenso banale wie faszinierende Wand von Allesandro Sambini. Hier reinzoomen und scrollen (obacht Rießenbild = 50 MB! Laden Lohnt sich!).

Ein paar Fragen und Anmerkungen zur Arbeit (via chat am 21.3.2009)

Kris Krois [11:51]

fa piacere sempliciamente navigare / “scrollare” nel imagine.

is there some concept / general idea / method / … behind?

Alessandro Sambini [11:52]


The idea is fully connected with the broader project I am carring on the Domestic Workers and the idea of domestic space. I am dealing with the issue of clash between foreigners inside the private spac of the house.

And the objects, are one of the charactes of this story. Very cheap objects, mass produced. A symptom of the global economy, associated with the idea of Good Life,

they become objects and weapons, a treasure to be protected by the outsiders. a system of coordinates that reveals the map of the domestic space

and a map of actions, behaviour strictly connected with the experiencing and consumption and developing of a Good Life.

Kris Krois [11:58]

gut. But i only do not really understand the topic “Domestic Workers”

do you mean domestic workers in this way: ?


Alessandro Sambini [11:59]

yeah, but focused on the Philippines and Honk Kong. As well as japan, Malaisya, Cambogia… over there,

I am interested in the relation between the global scale and the micro private level, and I think that the servant problem is a nice place to focus. I’lll show you as soon as I produce something!

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