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BUGtopia aims to disrupt the elegant neutrality of the Biennale ambience, twisting the public attention from the masterpieces – incarnations of auto-referential rhetoric – to underline the vital aspects of the space and intervene in it with open eyes and creative hands. Throughout a playful pathway, every single visitor can make a contribution to “contaminate the Biennale”, in order to make it a new space to take possession of.

The contamination will take place throughout the various implementations of the “bug” concept: not only a defect or difficulty, but an organism, that spreads fortuitously in the urban fabric, giving place to unexpected phenomena.

As for every game there will be some rules to follow: every player will be given some materials (images, paper, felt-pens, cardboards, glue, scissors…) and she/he can choose to build up or to assemble (with the collage technique) some silhouettes, which represent cross sections of city life.

Leaving her/his bug inside the Biennale’s park, the player becomes the actor of the event and offers her/his personal, customized contribution. This is documented with pictures, put up on an inflatable implant (“Ciccio”) that is the creative workshop where everything begins.

In return, the player will be given a BUGpin, a distinguishing badge of her/his making the Venice Biennale a place closer to the effective social and public dimension of our cities.

bugtopia example

(Das war das Ergebnis des Workshops “PUBLIC SPACE AND THE ECONOMY OF ATTENTION“, den ich am Master für “Digital Environments Design” der NABA gegeben habe. Schön, daß es möglich war etwas vollkommen analoges und high-tec-freies zu machen, was gleichzeitig interaktiv, sozial, kritisch, subversiv und nett ist !-) Mein Dank geht an die aktiven Studenten und an Paolo Atzori, der den Rahmen ermöglicht hat.)

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